Immunity has never been more important.

Immunity has never been more important.

We are living in historical times. 

Regardless of how it plays out globally, or in the United States, we all want to be ready if our body is invaded by any virus.

In a time of face masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing, most of the world, including America, has been focused on the "external" ways we can protect ourselves.  But, what about the "internal" or inside our bodies once we are exposed to the virus?  If any virus gets through the "external"  layer of defense, then all that's left is what's on the inside of you to protect you.   It's for internal protection that we engineered the IMMUNE Bar.  Simply put, IMMUNE Bar supports your own body's defense mechanism to protect itself.  How, you might ask?   Again, simple, through the right amount of the right type of vitamins and minerals.  Notice, there are two "rights" in the previous sentence, the right amount, and the right type.  You need both "rights" for your body to defend itself at it's best.

One critical way to be ready is to fuel your body with the "right" vitamins and minerals.  The IMMUNE BAR represents a historical breakthrough in whole food technology in doing this.   How?  Never has there been a 100% plant-based vitamin and mineral bar like the IMMUNE Bar. Never has there been this many vitamins and minerals, at these levels, and the right type, which are 100% plant-based and all in their natural environment, which is a whole food.  When you consume a vitamin or mineral in its natural environment, an organic whole food, then your body goes to work in harnessing its power for you.   Does this make the IMMUNE Bar a game-changer?


When it comes to vitamins and minerals, they are not all created equal.   95% of all vitamin and mineral supplements on the shelves today, are synthetically lab produced.  This doesn't sound good, does it?  Again, another well-known fact among nutritionists,  your body does not respond well over time to being fooled into thinking something is natural when it not.   Years ago, the word "natural" actually meant something, but, because the terms have never been defined by the FDA, it means nothing in the labeling world.   However, when we use the term natural, we mean organic, and organic does mean something in the labeling world!    Fortunately, we are here to offer real natural and organic solutions. 


The IMMUNE Bar can be stored in ambient temperature, however, due to the taste and texture of the bar, the best way we have found to store the bar is chilled, or even frozen.   The bar because of the ratio of almond butter, cocoa butter, and honey does not freeze hard.  It has a texture similar to that of ice cream, and that's a nice surprise when it comes to the texture!

Added Layer of Protection.

In a time of face masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing, we focus on the external ways we can protect ourselves, but what about the inside? Give yourself a layer of protection that only the proper of amount of Vitamins and Minerals can give you.

The Game Changer.

95% of all vitamin and mineral supplements on the shelves today, are sythetically lab produced. This can be serious when it comes to your health because at best it tricks your body into treating a substance like it's real when it's not, at worst, it can over time be harmful. The Immune bar contains only organic ingredients and all our vitamins and minerals are plant based!

Customer Reviews

4 Reviews
Dr. C Verified Buyer

There has never been a more important time than now to have a strong immune system to fight off diseases such as COVID 19. Give the eBars IMMUNE Bar a try, you will love it’s health benefits.

Nataliia S Verified Buyer

Even though the bar is filled with vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t taste like medicine and I have the satisfaction of knowing I’ve done something significant that day to boost my immunity system!

Adam M Verified Buyer

Not only my new favorite flavor , but knowing I am helping to boost my immune system the natural organic way makes me feel better too!

Tennille Verified Buyer

With everything going on with COVID 19 this bar couldn't have come at a better time. it's my favorite bar from ebars. You feel healthier when you're eating it.